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tungXten is a matching platform between candidates and companies aiming to create value around specific business projects, relying on the talents’ potential and what they truly want to do, rather than on their technical skills.
tungXten brings solutions to the companies’ desire to innovate, and their interest in finding a quick, simple, and affordable solution.
It is made possible by an automated matching system relying on AI technology, allowing for an instant match, depending on the project requirements.


We match people first on their natural talent – because we trust their motivation and ability to learn through experience, training, and projects.We examine how they can fit in, and what they can bring to existing teams to create added value.Of course – specific skills and diploma can be required. They are considered after we analyse projects or specific issues in need of solutions.



With a matching based on natural talent and motivation, tungXten allows students – through projects with companies – to acquire the necessary experience and contacts to jumpstart their career in the fields and companies they are aiming for.


tungXten matches job seekers depending on what they truly desire – and most often what they excel in.
Moreover, it puts job seekers in contact with companies around projects, thus helping them find the positions best suited to their personality and skills – allowing them to select the most rewarding one.


Just as for job seekers, the platform allows freelancers to be included in projects that require additional staff with specific skills for specific fixed-term activities, optimizing the added value to the project by their contribution.
It can also be an opportunity to showcase their expertise, and acquire new clients, or to get hired into a company again.


The tools offered by tungXten make it possible to combine the skills and insider talents in a totally new way, by adding complementary talents into the mix, to bring projects and missions to term.
It allows for more internal mobility for the company, and a possible simple, affordable, organic reorganisation around projects and mission.
Company teams can be reinforced thanks to a fast, affordable, quality recruitment process. This approach also allows for a more sure-fire recruitment of talents and experts in high demand, whose expertise and skills are critical to the company.
It also allows for a dynamization of the teams, i.e. by participating to tungXten’s hackathons, where collaborators can evaluate the talents in action, and select them to bring them into the company.
The acquired internal mobility, the brought-in external skills, and the resulting collective intelligence thus can catalyse the company’s growth by enhancing the staff’s efficiency, and the company’s know-how.
Moreover, this approach enhances greatly employee experience, which in turn reinforces employer branding, and thus, makes it way more attractive, and targeted.


A systemic plateform, based on projects answering multiple needs, made possible by a smart combination of technologies. tungXten allows:

  • A Permanent & automatic real-time matching between talents and projetcs
  • A Dynamic and prospective approach for all stakeholders
  • A Continuous retraining and refitting of the workforce.


tungXten was designed to work 100% digital, but as we developped and tested the concept with a in person Proof of Concept (POC), we realized our “Recruitment Hackathon” was a great opportunity to meet and design solutions, relying on creativity, thus resulting in a human based experience. And this way, company collaborators can select the best matches.

1rst day of our Recruitment Hackathon taking place in march 2019 at CUI during open GENEVA Innovation Festival.

2nd day of our Recruitment Hackathon taking place in march 2019 at CUI during open GENEVA Innovation Festival.